Users rate the UK’s best and worst airports

The consumer watchdog Which? has recently released the results of its survey of the best and worst airports as rated by users.

The best two were Exeter and Liverpool John Lennon, with scores of 83% in favour and users citing quiet airport, with plenty of seating, short queues and friendly staff at Exeter and for Liverpool easy parking, a short walk to the terminal and getting through check-in and security in no time. It got the maximum five-star rating for every queue.

After Exeter and Liverpool came London City and Southampton in joint third, with a 77 per cent approval rating from passengers. Next most popular was Bournemouth Airport, with 76 per cent.

The top ten were:

  1. Doncaster Sheffield
  2. Exeter
  3. Liverpool John Lennon
  4. London City
  5. Southampton
  6. Bournemouth
  7. Newcastle
  8. Cardiff
  9. Inverness
  10. Belfast City (George Best)

Sadly, the airport originally voted in the top spot, Doncaster Sheffield, was closed in the autumn of this year.

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has used it but the worst airport was Manchester, Terminal 3, with Which? quoting passengers as saying “‘It’s just not a nice airport. Security queues are horrific’, and ‘waiting areas are overcrowded, you can never get a seat’.

All airports are rated by terminal rather than as a whole and on this measure Heathrow’s T5 fared best with a score of 60% in favour.

London Gatwick fared less well, as did Luton and Stansted.

To get these results Which? asked members to complete an online survey about their experiences of flying from and to a UK airport in the last two years. Their findings are based on the responses of 7,963 members.