On A Jaunt This August

But hiring a taxi is expensive, isn’t it?

You might think hiring us to drive you when you are off on a jaunt either for the day or for longer is a luxury and an indulgence you can’t afford.

But can you rely on trains or buses to get you to your destination with time to enjoy the location?

However, we have done trips for customers that cost them less than using public transport. Not only that, we saved them time and the inconvenience of having to find alternatives or make connections to get to their destinations.

As an example, a customer with a passion for steam wanted to visit Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway Museum and engine shed near Chesterfield for the day.  Apparently it has the only round table in the country. It would not have been easy to manage to get there and back by train and then bus or taxi within a day, so our customer decided to use us.  As a result he was able to enjoy a day trip that might otherwise not have been possible.

Logistics are not the only consideration

We were also asked to take a lady and two of her friends to a resort catering to adults only.  It is not easily accessible by train and all three have luggage.

We are picking up the first lady in Ipswich then her two friends in Bricett before transporting them on to their destination in Yarmouth.   They have told us that it has worked out to be more economical for them to hire us to drive the three of them together.

What could be better than to travel in comfort, to be able to get directly to your destination and at the same time save yourself some money?

If you are planning a day out or a short holiday break why not call 01449 507775 and ask for a quote.  You could be pleasantly surprised.