Share your tips for stress-free business travel

It’s said that the one thing entrepreneur Richard Branson never travels without is a notebook. No, not a high-tech variety, just a simple, paper notebook for recording anything he wants to remember.

Business travel can be fast-paced and stressful, particularly if an overseas trip involves several destinations, so we have been looking for more tips to help make the whole thing go smoothly. Let us know if you have others to add.


Make yourself a travel checklist and tick off items once they’re packed.

Always charge every electronic gadget the night before you leave.

Save on luggage charges: airlines are increasingly charging for baggage checked into the hold, so if you can manage with just a carry-on bag, or two, you will save time and money. A tip is to take two smaller bags. One should be the maximum size that will fit under the seat and the other should be flexible so it can fit into any odd space available between roller bags in the overhead locker.

Pack anything you want to use in-flight in one smaller bag so you can get it out of luggage easily on boarding.

Men can minimise luggage and weight by packing only one jacket and pair of trousers that are the same colour, then varying what they are wearing by using different accessories.

Don’t forget to take appropriate plug adaptors for your destination country.

Carry some energy bars in case of delays at airports and on the plane.

In transit:

Eat and sleep right. Eating properly and getting at least a minimum amount of sleep makes travel much more bearable. Staying away from alcohol and heavy foods on trips, especially on airplanes, also helps.

To help you sleep use a sleep mask and ear plugs.

In country:

Have a list of your destinations, room numbers, hotel names and meeting venues in both your own and the country’s language, where appropriate. It makes communication easier with any drivers you hire and help you if you have been travelling a lot and everything is becoming a blur.

Make sure you have a basic medical kit that includes headache relief, hand sterilising gel, rehydration salts and immodium tablets for the almost inevitable stomach upset.

And finally, our tip:

Consider how much it will cost you in parking fees and petrol getting to and from the airport, and in stress in having to drive yourself when you are tired.

It could be more cost effective to be driven. It will certainly be more comfortable and you’ll get a free welcome home pack from us on your return.