Can You? Would You? Should You?

How often does a parent or a child ask you to take them somewhere outside your comfort zone or at an inconvenient time or day? We have a solution.

We can help in most situations

When I first started in business in 2006 we only had an 8 seat vehicle, today we have 3 vehicles two Hackney Carriages (Taxis) and one private hire vehicle. So the private Hire vehicle and main workhorse is the Skoda Superb Estate, comfortable with lots of room for passengers and luggage: perfect for Airport runs.

Then we have our wheelchair accessible van with room for 1 passenger in their chair and 4 others, or 4 passengers and a large luggage area. These are both Euro 6 diesels so exempt from the London ultra-low emissions zone charge but not the congestion charge.

The newest addition to the fleet is our Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid, perfect for local work and okay for 2 people to the airport. The limited range for electric vehicles plus limited choice for vehicles with luggage space pushed us this way.

Your safety and security

Taxi & Private Hire is a regulated industry, with requirements for vehicles, drivers and operators. All licensed vehicles have to pass annual safety checks in addition to an MOT, which is required on all vehicles over 12 months old.

Checks are also performed on Insurance, typically costing around £1000 per vehicle.

Drivers are enhanced DBS checked every 3 years and have regular medicals either every 3 years or annually depending on medical history.

All operators also have to be licensed to ensure they keep adequate records and have appropriate insurance. Taxi fares are regulated, so the driver can bring the meter into use unless a fare has been agreed in advance, meters work on a combination of distance and time.

Daytime tariff is £3.40 on vehicle entry including the first half mile, subsequent miles are currently just over £1.80 a mile.

Private Hire fares are unregulated so make sure you agree in advance or the driver may charge what they like. Taxis outside of their licensed area become private hire vehicles and can then only pick up at a pre-arranged point, not on the street.

Airports and Cruises

We cover all UK Airports but our most common destination is Heathrow. Most airports now charge to drop off or pick up outside the terminal with fees varying from £2 to £7.50.

Currently Heathrow doesn’t but this is likely to change.

On your return we generally meet you in the terminal. We monitor your flight or ship and aim to be in the terminal 45 minutes after landing time or disembarkation time. So you only have to find our sign and smiling face not hunt around trying to remember what the car looks like.

Days Out

Perhaps you are fed up of lockdown and want to escape to the coast or favourite National property, not always easily accessible by public transport, we can help by taking you and picking you up later for a fixed fee. It may be you want to visit family or friends for a couple of hours, happy to help.


We all have them and sometimes we are unable to drive after them, we cover local, regional and national hospitals, dentists, opticians, acupuncturists, hairdressers, complementary therapists and more.

Special Occasions

Weddings, Parties or Anniversaries, if you wish to fully enjoy the event why not have your own designated driver, no worries about tiredness or strange environment.

Family visiting

Sometimes we are so busy working or getting everything ready that to have to go and get an elderly relative is a further pressure, let alone having to ensure they are ready to leave their home. We can deliver them safely and return them ensuring they are safely settled on their return.

Can You? Would You? Should You?

Can we do something? The answer is almost certainly yes, assuming you only need 4 people in a vehicle.

Would we? Again, almost certainly. We only refuse on safety grounds or because we are already busy.

Should you use us? Well of course I am going to say yes. However there are times when you might be better doing it yourself, if you have short flights at civilised times and only for 3 or 4 days a carpark or car park hotel deal makes more sense. We will help you find that too if you ask.