While the Covid pandemic is surely not over, at least we are now free of the restrictions that meant the postponement of many family and social events.

Some of these delayed events have been for happy events, some less so.

For example, we are experiencing more requests for transport to funeral and memorial services that have had to be postponed during lockdowns.

We are also being asked for transport for people to, at last, visit family living some distance away, and there have been a few more requests for transport to and from airports.

Then, of course, couples are now able to celebrate their weddings, many of them after having had to postpone them more than once.

Meanwhile, our regular trips taking people to hospital appointments, GP surgeries and other appointments as well as for shopping continue.

Clearly, some confidence is returning!

Nevertheless, we shall continue to keep all the safety measures in our vehicles, such as mask wearing, sanitising and using screens, to protect our customers.