We all want the best of medical care for our loved ones if they should suffer from a serious illness.

As medical knowledge and techniques have developed and the technology has become more sophisticated, however, it has also become more expensive. At the same time the specialist knowledge required is also greater.

This combination of factors may well result in better and more successful treatments for patients but it has inevitably also led to a concentration of resources so that some hospitals have become specialist centres of excellence for a particular condition, treating patients from a much wider geographical area.

But what about visits from family and friends?

It is becoming much more common for patients to be sent to such centres for treatment even though they may be a considerable distance away.

Being in a hospital miles from home with a serious illness can be an isolating and frightening experience. Naturally friends and family will want to visit as often as possible, but what if they have to fit visits around caring for other family members and around work responsibilities?   If they cannot visit easily there is the added worry that this may have an effect on the patient’s recovery.

Then there is the added complication of trying to fit journey times on public transport, perhaps complicated by making connections between trains, with permitted visiting hours. This can be particularly difficult for older people, who perhaps don’t have the stamina for repeated long treks.

This is where we at Superb Travel Suffolk can help you.

We can take you door to door far more quickly than would be possible using public transport.  You can have a comfort stop whenever you need one and we can deliver you at times that will fit with visiting hours and without having to face an equally lengthy or complicated return journey.

Why not give us a call to get a quote for the cost? We may be able to save you both money and time.