Looking ahead to a cruise in 2022?

Judging by the inquiries we have been receiving recently about possible bookings to cruise terminals for next year it seems that people are beginning to look ahead with a bit more optimism.

So what are the top destinations for next year?

According to Lonely Planet, the top destination is the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. Where there are, it says, “calm lagoons perfect for snorkelling, stunning beaches and fascinating Maori culture”.

Next favourite is closer to home, Norway, “for being a leading light on sustainability, green technology and community culture initiatives”.

The East African island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean comes in third thanks to its climate and its reefs, beaches and lagoons.

After this comes the Central American nation of Belize, appealing because of its dense rainforest and wildlife including jaguars, macaws and howler monkeys.

Travel Weekly.co.uk has classified its favourite cruises on the basis of people’s interests:

Best for… Wildlife enthusiasts

What: Baja California and the Sea of Cortez

Best for… Island-hoppers

What: Hawaii, Tahiti and the Marquesas

Best for… Green-fingered gurus

What: Floriade and the Delights of the Dutch Waterways

Best for… Round-the-world explorers 

What: Around the World in 80 Days

Whatever your interests and wherever takes your fancy it looks like cruises will be back in business in 2022.