D is for …

Delays, drones and other travel disasters

Flights and rail journeys can be delayed for all sorts of reasons, from the rogue Drone that shut Gatwick Airport last Christmas to strikes by pilots and other workers.

Or you get to the departure gate, or even board the plane, and then you wait … and wait, only to be told that there is an engine problem or even that the airline has totally collapsed without warning.

After a couple of restorative weeks of holiday having to deal with the stress of making alternative travel arrangements from a foreign country and perhaps when you’re running out of cash is the last thing you need and can undo all the good work the holiday has done.

Sadly, delays and cancellations are happening more and more frequently.


Similarly, you may find that your flight has been diverted to another airport and there’s little you can do about it when you are already in the air.

D is for Don’t worry!

At STS we keep a constant check on the departure and arrival times of our customers’ flights as well as any detours that may have been made on the way back. We can’t help with securing a refund unfortunately but we can make sure you get home safely.

So, if we’re booked to pick you up from an airport, don’t worry. You won’t be abandoned once you land. You will still be met whenever – and wherever in UK – you arrive and you’ll be driven home in style and comfort, with a stop if you need it on the way to stock up on basics like tea or coffee, milk and bread so you can have a cuppa once you’re safely home.