Delayed Flights

Don’t worry, we take care of you

At the time of writing an IT glitch had caused delays and cancellations for British Airways passengers and at peak holiday season, of course.

But it’s not unusual for flights to be delayed, cancelled or re-routed at any time of the year and as if travel was not stressful enough these days such events add to the anxieties.

It is the last thing you need when you’re returning from a hopefully relaxing holiday or a busy business trip, especially if you have arranged transport to meet and take you home once you have cleared the airport.

To take away as much of the stress as possible we ask for three things when you book with us.

They are your flight number, a mobile phone number and your email address. That way, we can keep in touch with you if the unexpected happens.

Firstly, we monitor flights using Flight Aware for news and destinations. According to what they tell us we aim to be in the airport car park at the latest 30 minutes after they have landed.

If there is a delay of several hours we will rearrange your pick-up time and if we are already fully booked we will call on one of our trusted partners to meet you.  You won’t be left stranded.

If something happens while you are on holiday that will delay your return, as happened recently when a client’s daughter fell and broke her leg on the day before they were due to return, don’t worry, just let us know and keep in touch with your new flight details, no problem.

It won’t make any difference to the cost.

The only time there might be an additional cost is if your flight is re-directed. On one occasion recently, a client’s flight was redirected from Stansted to Manchester.  Fortunately, in this instance the airline booked taxis to get passengers from Manchester back to Stansted.

However, if you do need picking up from a different airport further away we will discuss your options and any extra cost with you and you can then decide how you want to proceed.

It’s all about communication and we do everything we can to ensure we meet your needs, even if they change through no fault of yours!