Driving home from the airport after a holiday?

Among our most enjoyable jobs is seeing families off on holiday at the airport and picking them up happy, relaxed and rested on their return.

There have been times, however, when we’ve been called to the rescue at the last minute after unexpected mishaps that prevented customers from driving themselves home.

While we were delighted to have helped we wouldn’t have wished any of these scenarios on our lovely customers.

Unexpected mishaps

It doesn’t matter how experienced a skier you are, accidents can still happen and result in broken bones. Driving back home from the airport with a broken leg is just not an option.

Then there was the photographer on a beach photo shoot assignment who lost their keys, forever buried in the sand.

It’s the middle of the night and the car won’t start

Somebody forgot to fill up the tank, or maybe it’s been siphoned while the car has been sitting in the airport long term car park during the holiday.

Flat batteries, vandalism, fire, we’ve seen them all.  Worst of all is getting to the car park to find the car is not there at all – it’s been stolen.

Run out of money

There are many stories of holidaymakers who have been stung by hidden charges when returning rental cars at the end of their holidays, leaving them short of cash once they touch down in UK.

Flight delays can also drain cash reserves.  We have picked up passengers who have had to wait, 18 hours, 72 hours and, in one case, 10 days to get home and while in theory the customer can eventually recover compensation from their airline or travel insurer, it can take time.

At Superb Travel Suffolk we like to think we’re glass half full kind of people so we’re not at all trying to frighten customers into using our services.

But we also care about your safety and well being and the one time above all others that we would advise not driving yourself home is after a long haul flight, particularly not if you have been drinking alcohol during the journey.

Research has found that up to 3.2 million motorists have admitted to driving home after a flight despite being tired, and that 53 per cent of them had to drive more than 50 miles.  The study also found that 1.3 million drivers were likely to drink alcohol on flights back to UK after breaks away and then drive home afterwards.

Why risk spoiling your well-earned break when you can leave the driving in capable hands?