Airport drop off fees and how to avoid them

The RAC has recently reported on a steep rise in the charges airports are making for dropping off passengers.

So-called “kiss and fly” fees are most expensive at Stansted at £7 for ten minutes but they have also risen significantly at 16 other major airports.

Heathrow and Gatwick are charging £5, while Manchester is now charging £5 for just five minutes.

Other airports now charging increased fees include Liverpool, Bristol, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow.

A few, including Birmingham and Belfast International have kept their fees as last year while it is possible to still do a free droop off at Cardiff, London City and Belfast City.

It is still possible to avoid drop-off charges by using the mid-term car park at Stansted then catching a bus to the terminal and at Heathrow the first hour at its long-term car park is free.

It is definitely worth researching the charges and the options for reducing or avoiding them before you go, not least because many airports now have CCTV and you could face hefty fines if you don’t pay the right amounts.