E is for Extra costs

There are various costs and charges to watch out for that could cost you money before you have even boarded your plane.

One of the most irritating is that many airports charge a fee just for you to be dropped at the airport – and similarly when you are being picked up.  It doesn’t matter whether you arrive in a taxi or a private car. The charge still applies.

Of the 20 UK airports we checked, only seven will let you drop-off outside the terminal for free – Heathrow and Gatwick plus five other regional airports.

According to Travel Supermarket drop off charges vary, and some can be steep: examples are £1 for 10 minutes. Birmingham, £2 at Glasgow, while Luton and Liverpool want £3, Stansted and East Midlands £3.50, Manchester £4 for 10 minutes and Edinburgh £4 for 15 minutes.

They also say that only eight airports provide trolleys for free, at the rest you will have to pay and you will need to have the correct coins to do so.

Believe it or not, if you have not already used clear plastic bags for those items in your carry on luggage, such as toiletries, that require it some airports are still charging for these.

Food and drink at airports are notoriously costly but remember you cannot take liquids through security so bring an empty bottle or flask and look out for free water fountains.

The one thing you should never do is use airport currency exchange facilities – it is reckoned to cost 10% more there!

As you can see, costs before you have even left the runway can mount up and eat into your holiday spending money, unless you think ahead!