Covid regulations and going abroad at Easter

At the time of writing, it has been reported that many people have booked to go on holiday over half term and in response Covid restrictions and rules have been changed in some European countries, particularly in France and Spain.

As of mid February, this article from the BBC website gives some idea of current restrictions in popular holiday destinations.

However, since rules change on an almost daily basis and the pandemic is still far from over, how safe is it to book for overseas holidays during the Easter break?

While all restrictions are likely to be removed in England by the end of this month that is not to say that the same will apply elsewhere or that restrictions won’t change in response to developments with the pandemic.

So it would be wise to check the rules in your chosen destination as close as possible to your departure date.

We would also advise booking with a reputable travel agent with recognised protections in place for cancellations and also reading the small print carefully.

When it comes to booking transport to and from the airport, however, you can be sure we will be responsive to any last-minute changes and will continue to keep our vehicles regularly sanitised and safe.

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