Sparing a thought for others at Christmas

Rising prices for food, fuel and heating are putting pressure on people, especially those who for whatever reason are on a low income.

Christmas is likely to be an especially tough time for those in need this winter, therefore, with little or no cash spare for festive treats.

As a Stowmarket resident as well as a member of the Stowmarket and District Chamber of Commerce we at STS like to give something back to the local community, so we contribute monthly to a local institution that is doing its best to prevent families having to go without.

The Stowmarket Food Bank collects donated food from individuals, supermarkets and also has a scheme whereby people can donate cash.  It is the Chamber’s adopted charity as it has been for several years now.

It is going to be harder than ever for the Food Bank to gather donations in time for its usual festive extra packs given that many people are feeling the pinch, but it’s worth making the effort.

On their Christmas food donations list for this year are:

Christmas cakes/iced fruit bars

Tins of salmon

Weetabix 24-packs

Tins/cartons of custard

Trifle mix

Christmas puddings

Boxes of chocolates

Selection boxes

Packets of crisps, Twiglets and other savouries

Jars of pickles, beetroot and onions

Biscuits for cheese

Cartons of fruit juice

Instant hot chocolate

Cereal variety packs

There are collection points for donations in many local Stowmarket stores, or you can drop them at the Hillside Community Centre.

We will be doing our bit to help the Food Bank make sure everyone has some festive cheer and we hope our customers will be also.