At the time of writing it has just been announced that all being well all restrictions imposed during the Covid pandemic will be removed on July 19.

This will be confirmed on July 12 and will mean the end to legal enforcement of mask wearing, social distancing rules and the removal of limits on social gatherings at home, in restaurants, pubs and entertainment venues.

The idea, according to the announcement by the Prime Minister, is that we will be expected to take responsibility for our own actions rather than it being legally enforced by government.

Where it makes sense, therefore, to continue to use masks, such as in confined spaces and on public transport people are advised to do so.

The expectation is that Covid cases will continue to rise although the consequences will be less serious given the numbers of people who have been vaccinated.

So what will we be doing here at STS to ensure our passengers’ comfort and safety?

We will continue to sanitise our vehicles after every use and will keep the screens behind the driver for your safety.

While we cannot insist that passengers wear masks, we would appreciate it if you did, remembering you are in a confined space, and when possible, ensure a window is open.

We shall, of course, continue to wear masks for your safety.