Stop Press! Pilot Strikes and cancelled flights our advice

Our message to you – keep in touch!

At the time of writing further strikes by both BA and Ryanair pilots are expected throughout September.

The pilots’ union Balpa has announced a 24-hour stoppage on September 27 if the BA dispute remains unresolved, while Ryanair pilots’ possible walk-outs are planned for a series of 24-hour stoppages between 18 and 29 September.

While BA cancelled all flights during the previous two-day strike, Ryanair have previously managed to maintain all flights despite the walk-outs.

It can be a worrying situation for those of you who have limited time either for business or pleasure trips, especially if you have already booked both your flights and our services to take you to and from the airport.

We do keep an eye on flight delays, cancellations and so on but it helps greatly if you can keep us in touch with developments and changes to your plans.

So please make sure we have your email and mobile phone numbers and keep your mobiles charged.

Often we can reschedule journeys if you can let us know your new arrangements..