Help with travel expenses for the elderly and disabled

There is no doubt that finances are tough for everyone at the moment thanks to a combination of rising fuel prices, the war in Ukraine and the supply chain disruption that resulted from Covid lockdowns.

It is particularly difficult for those on fixed incomes who may need to attend regular hospital and other appointments especially if they live in rural locations with minimal or no bus services.

But there is a Suffolk County Council scheme that can help and in which taxis and private hire vehicles are included.

The county’s travel voucher scheme is available to pensioners and to those who meet the disability criteria and it provides £100 per year in vouchers that can reduce the costs.

You can get an application form by downloading it from the county council’s voucher scheme website or calling 0345 600 0659 or pick up a form from Suffolk County Council offices or libraries.

Once you have returned the form together with copies of your ID you will receive a booklet of vouchers which are in £1 and £2 denominations, which can be used to pay for your journey by community transport, taxi or private hire vehicles.

If you join part way through the year, you will be given a pro-rata reduced number of vouchers.

You can use vouchers at their face value to pay some or all the cost of a journey up to a maximum of £20.

Superb Travel Suffolk is signed up to the scheme so you can use your vouchers with us.