Going the extra mile for your business clients at Newmarket

Winning a new order and building a solid business relationship with clients who trust your company is not only about being competitive or demonstrating your business’ efficiency.

Often when it is important to impress a potential new client or win an important contract it is the little extra touches that can make the difference.

There are the obvious gestures such as arranging for a car to pick up a client at the airport and transport them to their hotel or to your office or ensuring a car is available whenever your visitors need one.

But offering hospitality and a chance to get to know each other over a meal or at an event is an important part of the mix and Suffolk is fortunate in having a wide range of excellent places to dine out in some of the country’s most beautiful settings.

Looking for something a bit different?

If negotiations are at the point where a special occasion or event would help things along perhaps a meal followed by an afternoon at the races would be appropriate and again Suffolk has one of the country’s best known racecourses right on the doorstep.

Newmarket Race Course has events, as well as private hospitality packages, throughout the season that could be ideal for businesses.

Full information on all the Newmarket events throughout the 2018 season is available here

If you want to add that special extra touch of hospitality to your business negotiations why not call 01449 507775 for a quote. We’re always happy to support other businesses.