2020 wedding trends are all about sustainability

The New Year celebrations had barely ended when the first of the season’s wedding fairs was upon us.

According to the “pundits” this year’s biggest theme is all about sustainability. Large-scale events often have an equally large carbon footprint.

When you think about it the amount of potential non-recyclable waste that can be generated for just one day is considerable, so how can a wedding be made more environmentally friendly?


Locally grown, seasonal and even foraged flowers are likely to be a key trend according to the experts, along with a move away from cut flowers to pot-grown plants that can be kept or hired and returned to the supplier after the event.

There is also likely to be a move away from big floral table arrangements and from using floral foam in arrangements.

Planting trees as a memorial to the day may also become more popular.

Minimising the plastic

Plastic favours are likely to fall out of favour, along with single use straws and plastic containers for drinks. Reducing the air miles may also be another trend with wines sourced from the UK or Europe rather than from further afield.

Confetti may be replaced by flower petals, which are bio-degradable, but also by bubbles.

Wedding venues

Some experts are also predicting that weddings will become more low-key – and low cost – with more venues such as pubs, bars and restaurants that are the couple’s favourite local haunts.

And the food?

A selection of foods to cater for all tastes and including vegan and vegetarian alternatives are also likely to become more common.

And for transport, we would argue that the most sustainable transport is to buy local using companies like Superb Travel Suffolk!