What if you can’t, or don’t want to, drive anymore?

More than a third of us say that we no longer enjoy driving according to a survey carried out by the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Along with the cost of fuel and congestion 60% of respondents said the behaviour of other road users were the problem closely followed by bad weather conditions and driving near to lorries that made them nervous.

It is likely that as we get older these feelings are likely to increase, although a dislike of driving is not confined to the more mature.

However, for some the choice is taken away if, at age 70, their eyesight or health are no longer good enough to permit them to renew their driving licence. From age 70 onwards the licence must be renewed every three years.

This can present problems for residents of a rural county like Suffolk, where bus services to and from some villages are minimal to say the least.

You still need to travel

As we age, the chances are that we will need to travel more frequently for health reasons, to the GP and hospital appointments, when worrying about lengthy bus journeys, connections and walking is the last thing you need particularly if you have mobility problems.

Then there is the problem of finding a parking space at busy times at hospitals not to mention the additional cost of parking on top of fuel.

For those who live alone the social aspect of regular meetings at day centres or lunch clubs may be crucial to wellbeing.

While it can cost a lot to own and run a car, some people will also worry about the cost of using alternative forms of transport.

Suffolk County Council offers at least some help with the costs of travel for those who qualify, either through disability or because of an inadequate bus service where they live.

It offers travel vouchers that can be used towards the cost of community transport, taxis or private hire vehicles.  It is worth £100 per annum and provides a booklet of vouchers in £1 and £2 denominations. You cannot also receive a bus pass if you receive vouchers.

For information on concessionary travel visit


Even if none of the above applies to you there are occasions where a night out for a meal or celebration will involve alcohol and someone has to volunteer to be the designated driver and not drink.

Using a local, trusted door to door private hire or taxi service can help with all these situations and eliminate the worry of being late or having to drive when you don’t wish to.